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Meet Cammie Miller

Life Coach & Wellness Mentor

I am a certified life coach specializing in holistic wellness, as well as a certified mental health coach.  I'm passionate about helping women realize their dreams and reach their goals.  I love facilitating change by co-creating a vision with my client to help her find a healthy balance in life that encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual health.  In addition to traditional life coaching techniques I utilize a variety of somatic tools (breath work, movement, visualization, etc), when applicable, and with the client's consent.  I believe that in order to truly achieve optimum health, we must address the needs of the whole person, which includes the mind (emotional), the body (physical) and the soul (spiritual).  This holistic approach to wellness is what allows us to live the balanced and complete lives we've truly been designed for.

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Wholeness is Your Birthright

Life & Mental Health Coaching

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Life Coaching vs Mentoring vs Counseling

What's the Difference?

I'm often asked what's the difference between coaching, mentoring and therapy/counseling. A life coach is someone who will generally help you achieve goals, so they are typically focused on the future.  Coaching can be very helpful for people who feel "stuck" and are struggling to move forward in a particular area of their life.  Mentoring is more present-focused, and the time spent together may be spent talking about what you are currently experiencing.  Often times a mentor can be asked for advice or guidance, which is not typically the case when following a strictly life coaching model. Therapists, on the other hand, are trained mental health professionals.  A therapist will typically delve into your past in order to understand current behaviors, so they are more focused on the past than either life coaches or mentors.  That's not to say that the past is never discussed with a coach or mentor, often times unpacking prior experiences is necessary in order to move forward.  Therapists often help understand the "why" of current behavior patterns, while a coach will help with the "how" of accomplishing a goal.  Sometimes coaching and therapy can be complimentary.  A coach/mentor can help you proactively care for your mental fitness while a therapist is assisting with your mental health.


"Cammie has been an inspiration and blessing in my life. With her positive mindset and calming disposition, she is naturally gifted at helping others achieve their goals. Working with her brought me a sense of peace, clarity and optimism. She helped me work through some areas of my life where I felt stuck or didn’t know where to begin. She helped me navigate mental barriers in order to develop a healthier mindset and achieve my goals. I am so grateful for my journey with her and believe that she helped set my life on a new trajectory. I am building healthier relationships and a healthier me, breaking through personal barriers, and accomplishing my goals. I highly recommend Cammie as a life coach to anyone who is aspiring to be the best version of themselves." 

- Kelly



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